Probiotics are live and active bacteria which, when consumed in adequate amounts, provide different health benefits. Lactic acid bacteria are among the most important probiotic microorganisms typically associated with the human gastrointestinal tract. Indeed, the human intestine contains billions of bacteria, some with positive effects, but also others that can be undesirable (such as C. difficile). A sufficient regular intake of good bacteria can contribute to intestinal health by limiting the development of the harmful ones. Probiotics can also strengthen the immune system, help fight infections and produce vitamins. In addition, they are very useful for restoring the balance of the intestinal flora after an antibiotic intake1.

Several scientific studies confirm the importance of the link between gut flora and overall health.

  • Weight Loss2
  • Reduction in the Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome2
  • Enhance the Mood3

The Yogotherm products offer you enough* probiotic bacteria to benefit your health.

* Health Canada’s standard indicates that a billion bacteria per serving of 125 g is needed.
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3. Foster, J. and K.-A. M. Neufeld (2013). Gut–brain axis: how the microbiome influences anxiety and depression. Trends in Neurosciences 36 (5), pp. 305–312.

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